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CEO chat went well, she totally agreed with my side of things and somewhat told me I need to go to her (instead of my boss) more often since I'm the only one that doesn't report directly to her. Anyway, she's giving me some (but not all) of what I requested and talked about ways I can make even more $$ by being more creative, which will again include not taking no from my boss for an answer. I guess it's a good vote of confidence and somewhat a sign that I've got more sway in how things are done from the client service side of things.

So that's neat.

Scheduling some time off for the fall, including a day for my folks to come help me take down some bushes in advance of the fence installation and a week in October to do fuckall. Probably repaint the basement for part of that time and finally get the theater room done. Carpet dude is coming to give me an estimate this afternoon.

My tennis elbow is finally starting to feel better and I think the free weights is making the difference. Of course, I tweaked my calf playing tennis on Sunday but found a good video online about how to treat and it's almost all better now.

I cannot stop listening to Aesop Rock's latest album and it's a really good problem to have.
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My annual work trip to Hawaii was pretty great. Easiest travel I've had (no one in the middle seat next to me on all three outgoing flights) and maybe 3 seconds of turbulence.

Lots of good teamwork and collaboration, my clients were shockingly self-sufficient while I was gone and I got to pet the owner's dog like, a thousand times. Even though I think I'm allergic.

We got to do some shopping and swim in the ocean for a few hours on Saturday before we left. I got a little pink but nothing I couldn't handle.

Had my 6-month-late review with my boss, in which she told me I ruled, and then told me my raise wouldn't be retroactive to my anniversary date as it had been done in the past. I didn't address it right away because I debated the upside of doing so and then decided to broach it. Long story short, I'm talking with the CEO about it tomorrow. Which I think means I won't get my way but maybe I'll be surprised.

After taking months off from weight lifting due to tennis elbow (which if you haven't had it, it hurts like a bugger), I restarted my routine this week and added in free weights. I think the machines at the Y make it a little too easy and give a false sense of progress. So now my arms hurt for different but better reasons.

I was asked to join the worship leader group at my UU fellowship and did so a few months back. It's essentially helping out the preacher with parts of the service (candle lighting, announcements, readings) and also providing a 2-3 minute reflection on the topic. Normally, this involves the worship leader working with the minister/guest preacher four to six weeks in advance to brainstorm and collaborate. For me, I had two days to put something together.

I've always done pretty well under pressure and based on the feedback I got after, this was no exception. I was nervous but only in the am-I-doing-this-in-the-right-order sense but was pretty comfortable with what I wrote about grace (and how it's never come naturally to me).

Nate started sixth grade this week and so far, so good. All of his close friends are in the other class but he's rolling with the punches. Good to have him back in a routine after a pretty balanced summer of day camps, summer school and lazy days of nothing. That lucky bastard.

It's a good 10-15 degrees cooler than average and has been since I got back from 90 degree temps in Hawaii and I'm not adjusting well. I know pants are an inevitability in Wisconsin but it's a but much this early in the year.

I'm doing nothing interesting in my free time and it's really embarrassing.

Tennis lessons start back up this Sunday and I'm so excited to be able to play no matter the weather.

Not me

Jul. 10th, 2017 12:05 pm
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So, the land survey is done and the neighbor's chain link fence is squarely on my property (over the property line by at least a foot). Mark isn't necessarily rude, but it's a neighborhood that largely keeps to itself. Outside of a wave occasionally if we're both getting our mail at the same time, I haven't had much conversation with him.

On Saturday, he was out cutting the lawn and I walked over to discuss. He immediately apologized for 'encroaching on my property' and said he'd contact the title company (not sure what this will accomplish but he said it with confidence) and said he'd do whatever was needed to make it right. If he just wants to move the fence (fine with me), he'll have to deal with grass growing between the chain link and my eventual wooden fence, which I won't see. Tearing down would be easier on the fence installers so we'll see.

So, playing out scenarios in my head involving lawyers and hurt feelings was again, all for naught.

Got some quotes on replacing my drafty entrance door/screen door too, so we'll see what I can fit in this year and what gets pushed off for the future.

I leave for Hawaii on August 14th (my brother's birthday) for work. Cool how my tickets costs an extra $400 so I can sit in the exit row and not die.

Nate had his first lemonade stand on Saturday and made over $100 (I figured matching what he earned would add some incentive) to donate to the local Humane Society. Maybe post-fence it'll be time to add a dog to the house too. We'll see.
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Three years ago, my CEO created this team challenge for us to solve while traveling to Hawaii.

It was pretty fun.
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I work for a company that conducts online surveys. Like, SurveyMonkey, but with actual reporting and metrics and safeguards to prevent the same person from taking the survey 17 times.

Exit interview are our bread and butter and we work directly with companies of all sizes to give a platform for their employees to provide feedback so those companies can work to make things better. Our software (which was literally built from nothing by one person) is highly configurable and most companies want certain things a certain way. It's not an exaggeration to say that a client could make 50 or 60 decisions in how their account is setup and run.

It's a long story, but in short, I made a mistake by allowing a client to have certain information revealed to them when it should have been kept anonymous, based upon a unique setting choice they negotiated. We didn't lose any money over this mistake nor did we break any laws or anything, but it's something I should've caught (and had an easy fix applied before the client even saw it).

When client brought it to my attention (and how happy they were that they could see this info), I realized I needed to get it fixed and also tell the client why it needed to be changed. So I did.

But not before fretting over it for literally months. My boss was going to be pissed. The client was going to be pissed. They're a big client and in spite of just signing a three-year extension, 'getting client pissed off' isn't good business practice. Anxiety occupied my head for most of the waking hours and led to me waking up multiple times in the night, worrying just how bad it was going to get.

I thought about how best to broach it with my boss. How it was a really unique situation (in that, our tech team had to create some custom coding to handle it), how the damage was minimal and how I'd address it with the client. The client was going to perceive it as a takeaway and likely go over my head to demand it get set back to the way it was.

Finally, I bit the bullet and spoke with our tech team about how best to fix it. They admitted it was easy enough to address and had a fix installed in a few days. I emailed the client about it, explaining the rationale and how it was standard to have it this new, correct way.

Boss got wind of it secondhand and ... said nothing. Not a peep.

Client (and I still can't totally figure this out) THANKED ME for the new way as it would allow them to use us as an intermediary if a situation came up with an anonymous survey where the employee wanted to meet with HR.

I'm ashamed that it took me so long to face the music (even though there really wasn't any) because so much of what I try to teach Nate is to address and not ignore problems. Take ownership when mistakes are made and work to fix them. And yet, when it's my time, I avoid the problem in the hopes that they'll evaporate.
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What I'm currently mad about: my annual work review is now three+ months late. My boss and I have a standing meeting once a week to discuss what I'm working on and if I need her help/advice on things. We also talk via IM almost every day. My review is typically done on my anniversary (in Feb) and has been late before, but never like this.

I've asked her about it twice and she tells me how it's not done and she's just been so busy and she'll try to get to it. As far as I know, she doesn't need any input/approval from her boss (the CEO), so it's all on her to do. I've gotten a raise every year at this job and expect this year to be no different, but, not until I have my review. I don't know if it's urgent enough to go to the CEO over but it does make me feel like my contributions aren't worth the hour (maybe two?) it would take for her to write and deliver my review. Managing upward has never been my strong suit.

What I'm currently happy about: in a little over a week, Face to Face is coming to Green Bay on a small club tour and I get to see both their rock show and their VIP acoustic/meet and greet show. Kimberly is joining me (to be fair, she's twice commented "I like this song, who's this?" when I've had them playing in the car without her knowing) so hopefully she'll enjoy the show.

They've been my favorite band for most of my adult life and their music has meant so incredibly much to me. I'll get to shake hands and talk to the band. Get my picture taken with them. Sing along to all the songs. It's gonna be rad.

What I'm currently anxious about: I'm planning to put in a new backyard privacy fence and it's becoming a big ass project. It's a long story, but basically a new six-foot fence would hide the four-foot ugly-as-hell chainlink fence that I share with the neighbors. With my landscaping, I might need to move or remove some pretty arborvitae trees since they're right up against the chainlink. Will give me a chance to finally meet the backyard neighbors after living here for three years.

What I'm currently thinking about: getting a passport for the first time, committing to counting calories, planning a 40th birthday party for next year, summer activities for Nate that will generate some good memories, my Costco shopping list, how glad I am the mysterious rash on my back seems to be clearing up, my friend who's terrible divorce means he hasn't seen his two kids in over a year, that one client at work that is brand new and already more work than they're worth, my church voting to become a sanctuary congregation on Sunday and how proud I am.
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I turned 39 on Wednesday. I always look forward to my birthday and if I'm totally honest, the prevalence of Facebook makes commemorating your special day pretty effortless. I felt especially spoiled - not only with the likes and comments, but the cards (Michael Bolton-themed and otherwise), the calls, the texts, the cards. My friend Ben stopped over with a little cake from a nearby bakery since he was in the neighborhood. Kimberly got me a triple chocolate cake with a glittery giraffe spawned of icing on the top.

It was *nice*.

I'm debating a big party next year or a big trip somewhere. Would love to have Eef Barzelay come back and play at my house, but an international voyage sounds pretty cool too. Maybe I can swing both.

In more somber news, we said goodbye to my aunt Pat today. She was my mom's oldest sister and a dedicated smoker all her life. She was the first person I knew that was divorced (back when that seemed like the Worst Thing A Person Could Be), but she lived her own life and did what she wanted and I admired that about her. I wasn't close to her, but her sharp sense of humor and wit was always something I was envious of.

The funeral was a little awkward but nice enough. There's still animosity on that side of the family since my grandparents passed a few years back and the resulting fall out over their estate. Things were largely civil and maybe it will have some deeper emotional impact to help folks make some in-roads with each other.

My mom's now the oldest living sibling (her only brother died 13 years ago of a heart attack), so I think that's putting things into perspective for her too. She and my dad have their wills and last wishes all put on paper, so no worries about trying to ascertain what they would want when the time comes.

The service was Catholic and it really struck home how completely non-religious I've become. I attend UU services each week, but all of the God and Jesus talk was so foreign to me. The responses to the prayers still came out of me reflexively but they were pretty hollow.

Still, it's nice to know that she's at peace now, whatever that truly means. Her cremains are not far from my grandparent's plot in the mausoleum, which seems appropriate. She's in a beautiful urn, adorned with blue birds, which always were her favorite.
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I figured out how to subscribe to my own journal (so my entries show up in my feed), which was incredibly useful in LJ land to figure out when I was caught up. If you didn't know, you can do so through your profile page.

Also, not to get too political, but I've been really listening to Prince for the first time in my life and it's all been pretty tremendous. What an amazing talent.
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The Easter Bunny brought me pinkeye :(

Wait, ;(

Thankfully, I still had eye drops from when I had it last time, maybe 2013? Which is when the drops expired. But, it was Easter Sunday and the walk-in clinic seemed like overload, especially when I work from home and can look as gross as I want at all times!

Anyway, it's better today but the desire to RUB MY EYE EVERY 10 MINUTES hasn't let up just yet. I have been using hand sanitizer on a daily basis (which I never do otherwise unless I'm on an airplane).

Life is otherwise okay - Nate was with his mom for the whole weekend (which happens maybe thrice a year) so it was really nice to have some alone time on Friday night and some time with Kimberly on Saturday. As in, we could make out in the living room instead of just in the bedroom.

She avoided pinkeye (does that reveal too much about our bedroom tendencies?) so I was relieved. Spent Sunday lunch with her and her folks. They're nice enough but a little weird. As in, each time Kimberly talks to me after we've been with her parents, she always starts with "God, my parents are so weird!", which is kinda cute. It's just a lot of hearing them repeat stories we already know or stories that don't exactly go anywhere. The same could probably be said for me, but I am pretty good about asking the other person about their life, which they never do. At least the fried chicken was good.

I found out I'll be back in Hawaii in August this year for work. I'm a little irked since Wisconsin summertime is precious and I'd rather be there when it's cold here but them's the breaks.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately in that I'm just doing less than I could be at work and I have all these grown up responsibilities I could be doing a lot better job at but I instead choose to play Stardew Valley for a few hours at night.

I will get back into a more consistent walking routine now that winter is totally over. I've been really proud of myself for my dedication to lifting weights three times a week (for four months and counting!) but goddamn if every single time there isn't a voice in my head telling me to skip today and stay home instead. I think finding some new gym shorts that I look pretty good in helps.

I ordered a new work computer today. Working remotely means I'm my own tech support, so found a local shop and will be about a week away from retiring my laptop and having a desktop setup, thank goodness. Both of the Thinkpads I've had have been underwhelming at every step.

This is a whiny post so on the plus side, I'm reading a really good book (Evicted), am six weeks from seeing my favorite band in Green Bay (where I first saw them 20 years ago) and found a pretty sweet travel pillow at Costco.
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Welp, trying out over here since LJ seems to be ripe for destruction.

Friend me if you please.
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"I used to be modest, but at this point, half of AMC (a local hospital) has had their hand up my ass" - my tennis coach, last night.

He said he'd be gone for the next two weeks of tennis lessons and when I asked him why, he went into significant detail about his upcoming surgery.  I'd guess Tom's in his early 80s and had his 'fuck giver' removed years ago.

I don't have much to say, but felt like a check-in would be necessary.  Spent the weekend with the immediate family (minus my niece, who chose to go to a school dance and minus Kimberly, who is battling a nasty cold/dizziness spell) at Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan.  It's an indoor waterpark and was my parent's Christmas gift to us.  We stayed in a nice four bedroom suite and had fun splashing around on the lazy river and waterslides.  I hate how those places always have 1/10th the tables/chairs they should but we made due.

Yesterday, I watched the Packers get thoroughly destroyed and didn't feel much disappointment.  They never should've gotten this far (and wouldn't have beaten the Steelers or Patriots in the Super Bowl anyway), so I choose to be satisfied with how far they did get on a defense of duct tape and staples.  If it leads to the ousting of Dom Capers, it'll have been worth it.

Today, I'm meeting Marie at City Hall to get remarried a passport for Nate.  I should get one too, I guess.  Not for fleeing the country purposes just yet, but to open up my travel experiences.  No plans for Nate to go anywhere specific either, but good to get it done.

Making plans to visit best friend Terry and his family in Springfield, Missouri over Nate's spring break, so need to get plane tickets purchased and figure out a schedule.  They've graciously offered to let us stay with them and I know how homesick they are - Danielle got a professor job there and it's not their top choice to stay long-term, so they're making the best of it while she gets some more experience under her belt.

I get to play tennis tonight with Eric and have our fourth and final dance lesson with Kimberly on Wednesday, so will be a busy week.  That said, I'd best get to it.

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In 2015, my ex-wife wanted to get back together with me (in spite of her being remarried and me being with Kimberly for two plus years) and every single part of me knew it was a bad idea except the tiny, very tiny part of me that wanted to if only to show her how much better I've gotten at sex.

I forgot that I hadn't finished the latest season of Bojack Horseman, so it's been fun watching 'new' episodes over my lunch hour.

I'm shying away from hard and fast resolutions this year but am hoping to travel to at least two new places (via plane) and also to get more educated on so very many things.  I firmly believe that so much hatred and discrimination is founded in ignorance.  I lean way, way to the left on most issues but most of the media I consume is pretty white and pretty hetero and pretty male.  I'm in a pretty comfy bubble related to a lot of social issues.  Meanwhile, life's about to get (and continue to get) shittier and shittier for a lot of people who aren't me.  The more educated I can become (and the more listening and believe I can do about these situations), the better place I'll be in to call shit out and try to make shit better.

I also want to be able to consistenly beat my dad at ping pong.  Dude's still got moves.
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(please note there is a difference between wisdom and advice.  I give wisdom freely but advice only upon request)

1)  Let cheese get to room temperature before eating it as it will taste better.  This does not apply to cream cheese, which is best applied cold to a warm bagel.

2)  Keep a roll of paper towel and a packet of baby wipes under your bed.  They come in handy not only for sex related purposes, but also eating in bed related purposes.

3)  Wash your feet before you go to bed.  Like, you can totally take a whole shower or bath if you want, but there's something pretty neat about having freshly cleaned feet when you climb into bed.

4)  Before making a purchase, look up the product's instructional manual online.  You can read all about the features and get most of your questions answered ahead of time.
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Kimberly and I spent a quiet NYE together.  She's been sick for going on two weeks now and I was nearing a week with The Crud myself.  We watched a few episodes of Garfunklel and Oates (which I knew she'd love) and called it a night.  There's nothing quite like a simple back rub before bed when you're not feeling the best.

Made steak and eggs (ok, reheated steak and made eggs) for breakfast with slab of homemade banana bread and a ramekin of blueberries on the side.  Took Nate to church (every year, my UU church has a Year In Review service that I always find meaningful).  Spent the rest of the day horking up all the color of the rainbox and watching football.  Glad to see the Packers get hot at the right time and hope they can finally succeed in the playoffs.

Today, I took a long walk around the neighborhood, had some lunch and am recategorizing my Mint transactions.  I'm planning this year to tighten up my budget a bit - I tend to buy things on impulse more than I need to and that money would be much better served paying off my shiny new car loan or better yet, donated to all the many causes that will need it these next four years.

Nate decided that for his new year's resolutions he wants to a) read more (which is sort of funny because he reads for literally hours each day) and b) stay in good shape (at 10, he is getting closer to being an exercise buddy for me through bike rides or basketball games or long(ish) walks outside).

You and me both, buddy.

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I've got some terrible throat crud and am mildly pissed that I'm sick again after just being sick for Thanksgiving.

I'm lucky, I guess, that it happened in the Dead Zone between Christmas and New Years.  Nate (my son) was with his mom for the past few days so hopefully I'm past the contagious stage now that he's with me through Sunday.  Work was quiet and I got a few things done.  I'm off tomorrow and Monday which will be nice.

I found the energy to clean the garage (I get weirdly productive when I'm sick) and took a trip over my lunch hour to the local dump to get rid of two badly damaged patio furniture cushions, six strands of dead Christmas lights, five containers of used motor oil from my lawn mower over the years and a dehumidifier that refuses to work any more.  My goal is to have room for Kimberly's car for when she stays over when the weather's bad.

Tomorrow, Nate and I are seeing Rogue One for the first time and hitting the library to restock his book supply.  Might make a Costco run too and will try out some of the new games he got for Christmas.  He's itching to crack into his magic set so hope he has fun with that.

In the meantime, I found a good deal for three 16x20 canvas prints for $70.  Am sifting through my pictures from the California trip we took in October and the Hawaii pics from May at my last work outing.  My art style is "Oh, yeah, I should hang up some art, right?" so baby steps.

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So, Christmas was overall a pretty nice experience.

It started on Saturday - Kimberly's aunt and uncle were hosting (on Kimberly's mom's side - her mom is one of 6 and her dad is one of 13 and it's only made slightly less terrifying when Kimberly admits she doesn't know the names of all her cousins so I'm not expected to either) the family.  It was the first time Nate joined us (due to scheduling difficulties in the past).  Prior to going there, we went to Kimberly's parent's house because her mom found a gift for Nate that she felt weird about having him open in front of the nieces and nephews.  It was a science set (like, grow your own crystals) and looks like something he'll have fun with.  Her folks got me a bag of pistachios (which is a little odd) and a car wash gift certificate (which is pretty nice).

Her aunt and uncle have a sizeable house and they had a taco bar, egg rolls, meatballs and a host of other appetizers.  I brought a smattering of cookies I'd made the week before and Kimberly had her ever-present veggie tray.  Kimberly's sister (Angela) and boyfriend (Zach) were there, so Nate taught us how to play the card game Golf.  The white elephant gift exchange (just for adults) was agonizingly slow.  I was hoping we'd leave by 8:30 (2.5 hours is where I tap out for social engagements), but we didn't end up leaving until 9:45.  On the plus side, I got a cool new pocketknife set so now I'm a knife guy I guess.

Sunday, Nate opened his Santa presents and presents from me, we had breakfast and then Kimberly joined us as we headed to my parent's place.  My brother, his wife and their three kids were there when we got there.  We had lunch, opened presents and kept half an eye on the football game.  My dad beat me at ping poing (like usual), my brother beat him at darts (like usual) and we had fun just hanging out.

We left Monday after brunch, Marie picked up Nate to take him to her side of the family and Kimberly and I headed back to my house.  She wanted to take advantage of some post X-mas shopping.  We both showered, got dressed, decided we needed to get undressed again for reasons, and then got re-dressed and headed out.  It was my first time to our local mall in a good 10 years.  She found a few ornaments and a puzzle for Nate for his birthday (this girl loves a good deal) and we both found some odds and ends at World Market.

We then headed out for dinner - since my company is 100% virtual, we can't exactly have a holiday party get together.  So instead, we each get to take our respective partners out for dinner on the company dime.  We had a good meal - even ordering an appetizer, a drink each (tea and root beer), entrees and dessert, it was still under $60.  Last year, we went out for Mexican and the bill was like $25 and my boss semi-yelled at me for not spending more money.  Ha.

I could feel my cold coming on, so we headed back home and opened presents from each other - hard to go wrong when you can access each others Amazon Wishlists.  We pretty much headed for bed after that.  I had to work Tuesday but Kimberly had the day off, so I got up and made breakfast while she got her stuff packed up.  She headed out for more shopping and I pretended to look busy for no one in particular.

I feel mostly okay today, but the gunk has settled itself in the back of my throat.  No runny nose and just a slight cough, so hopefully it'll be gone soon.  I did some self surgery on a skin tag on my chest that always annoyed me.  Tied it off with dental floss for a week and then snipped it.  Didn't hurt at all and now just a little scar memento.  Bodies are so weird.

Oh!  And, I might be going to my first drag show tonight.  
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Ask me three questions in the comments. I'll answer to the best of my ability. Then on your own LJ, invite people to ask you questions. (You can ask me questions and not volunteer for them yourself, if you want.)
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who didn't change his LJ handle numerous times back in the golden years?  I didn't realize that was a thing but so many posts in the FB group seems to indicate it was really common.

Anyway, I'm currently very excited because in two hours my bestest friend in the entire world is coming over with his equally lovely family for dinner.  Terry and I met in high school and became friends almost immediately.  He currently live in Springfield, Missouri (which I lovingly refer to as Shelbyville) and is home for the holidays as his parents and inlaws still live here.

The meal is almost entirely catered by Costco (lasagna, kale/brussel sprout salad, garlic bread and a blueberry/strawberry/pineapple fruit salad).  Dessert is courtesy of a fundraiser for my niece (turtle cheesecake) for a Broadway school trip to New York in the spring.  Will crank out some mac and cheese for the kids.

I'm hoping Kimberly can join us - she's had a wicked cold for the past week plus and it's hanging around longer than usual.  It can be a grind rushing here right after work - I'm fortunate to be able to get dinner started while I'm working.

After they head out, will try to finish wrapping Christmas presents without screaming.

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So, I'm so thankful that LiveJournal is potentially undergoing a revival of sorts.  It will forever have a special place in my heart as a symbol of growth and change for me.  I'm such a different person now compared to when I started back in 2000 (!).  I mean, I guess it would be pretty tragic if I wasn't, right?

Since I'm adding new friends and since a fair amount of my history is locked down (I tend to get pretty personal and hope to continue with new found pals), an introduction seemed to be in order.

My name is Brian, unless there are other Brians in the general vicinity, in which case I become Big Brian.  I'm 6'6" and it's a somewhat big (ha) part of my identity.  Which is interesting since for all you know, I could be lying about it.  Back when I was dipping my toe into online dating, I read that most men lie and list themselves as taller than they really are.  Nothing like starting things off with deception!

Anyway, I live in Wisconsin and have lived here all my life.  Weirdly enough, the state I've spent the second most time in is Hawaii, which is because of my job, which is kinda great.  Wisconsin is solidly an okay place to live.  I don't get too bummed out about the cold weather, but bad driving conditions make me fret pretty easily.  I recently got a new vehicle (Subaru Outback) that has AWD and is an enormously better winter vehicle than my previous one (Toyota Camry) but I still drive like I'm 80 years old if there are a few inches of weather on the ground.

I bought my own house three years ago, after a little over a year in an apartment as a result of The Divorce.  I enjoy being a homeowner and while I'm mostly terrible at anything that needs fixing, I'm pretty good about keeping an organized and clean home.  Mostly.

I work for a software company as a Client Service Manager.  It is software that companies use to help their employee retention efforts.  It's often a bummer when employees quit, so cutting down on that sort of thing is beneficial in all sorts of ways.  I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology in 2001.  I worked for a non-profit right out of school, for a regional accounting firm after that, then for a huge financial services company after that, all with various degrees of responsibility in HR.

My employer is small (but mighty!) and we each work from home.  As in, my boss lives in Oklahoma City and I've got co-workers spread throughout the US and Canada.  The co-owners of the company live in Hawaii full time and once a year, we all get to have a corporate retreat of sorts and spend a week discussing how last year went and what we need to focus on for this year.  It is a stupidly-amazing benefit.  In February, I'll celebrate my five year annivesary.

On the more personal front, I was married for 11 years (from 2001 to 2012) to Marie.  We have a son named Nate, who is 10.  Marie and I have had a bit of a complicated relationship as of late but we largely enjoy a very cordial and complimentary existence, largely (at least on my part) to maintain coparental harmony.  I think Coparental Harmony opened up for Earth, Wind and Fire back in the 70s.  We have 50/50 custody and it seems to be working out pretty well.

I've been with my girlfriend Kimberly for almost 4 years and most of my current anxiety/worry has to do with the long-term viability of our relationship.  I'm at the point in my life where living with a partner doesn't interest me.  I'm profoundly introverted (not to be confused with a profound introvert) and really, really, really, really, really, really, I mean like, really like my own space.  We've discussed things and I think things are good for now, eventually she's going to need to make a decision about what the future looks like.

That maybe makes it sound worse than it is.  She lives 30 miles away but we see each other twice a week on average and she's really, really great.  She and Nate get along smashingly.  She's funny and kind and smart and an absolute knockout.  Dating after the divorce was a bit of an adventure and I'm glad our paths crossed when they did.  She also rountinely destroys me at Words With Friends but is too cute to stay mad at for long.

Sheesh, I think that's enough for now.  I try to be an open book with questions so fire away if you're so inclined.  Welcome to any new friends and hopefully welcome back to some old ones as well.  I really should get back to work now.


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