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Terry came over last night and we played lots of cribbage and made plans for next week. I told him my new favorite joke and he told me a story about how his mother-in-law asked him if he knew what a douche-bag was. It was rad.

One hour before my vacation starts. Most of the loose ends have been tied up and I gave my co-worker in Milwaukee a heads-up about things going on here. Should be no big deal.

Someone brought in Dilly Bars for their birthday and that makes me very pleased. My favorite flavor is cherry. What's yours?
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Eric triumphed in tennis again, beating me 6-4. When my serve is right on, he can't return it. Sadly, this only happened about 5 times last night. Feels good to get out and run around - hope we can make it a weekly occurance.

I'm buying gas today, because I'm a terrorist.

Also, how come no one told me about Quorn before? That faux chicken patty I had last night was the best I've ever had!

Lately I've been thinking about how people start dating. Marie and I met and became friends while she was engaged. Had she been single, I wonder if we would've ended up together - something about her being taken made it easier to just be myself. To those of you who are currently in a relationship, were you single when you met the person or involved with someone else? How do you think it affected your new relationship?
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Our network has been up and down at work today and has been wonky for the past 3 weeks. I'm using it as a grand excuse to play on the Internet and get the stuff done that I need to before heading to Madison.

Appleton was on the receiving end of 5 to 7 inches of rain in a 2 hour period last night, causing me to take three detours to get home. I love the rain, but at a more bearable pace. Terry and Danielle came over last night with pictures from our times at the cottage three weeks ago as well as their wedding album. Their photographer did an outstanding job and put in our order for 6 or 8 pictures. We had a nice visit and they brought over homemade chocolate cheesecake for us to share. I hope these next two years go by swiftly and that they relocate back near here when her schooling is done. But, I'm excited for our road trip to visit them in the future.

An employee who has been more than a handful had her last day today. I felt like putting on the Pointer Sisters and dancing around as she walked out the door, but kept my professional sense about me. It already feels better here with her gone.

From savior to martyr in record time )
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I've deleted at least 500 work emails today, no fooling. I try to not be a packrat and remember days at my old job when my email inbox would be completely empty. Not the case anymore, which is a good thing. I've resolved to have at least one half-day per week with my door closed in my office. I can get so much more done if I don't hear the conversations going on right outside.

I was thinking yesterday about the need for enemies. I think they make you rethink your position and challenge you to find solutions. So, enemies would be beneficial to some extent. Is it noble to be enemies with someone with a greater good in mind? I need to think more often.

This doesn't count as thinking )
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I got together with Luke this weekend for lunch. It was a really good experience and I think that we'll have some semblence of friendship now. It was nice to talk to his mom again and just get caught up on where our lives have taken us since 1993. He was down for a long time, but I think he's making the right choices to get to where he wants to be.

Also got to visit my grandparents and parents, went out for lunch with Marie, did some shopping, went to the park and sat on a blanket, reading and cuddling, tried to help a baby duck that got separated from his mother get reunited, reorganized our filing cabinet, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed out the computer (and boy, was it gross!), played a lot of Sega (I'm starting to get addicted to Sonic 2), got things rolling for starting a community (is it really confusing or is it just me?) and even slept in a bit yesterday.

Today is going by quickly and I am leaving at 3:00 to head to Illinois. I will be 'cut off' until Friday, so I hope the internet withdrawal symptoms don't show up too much. In order to tide you over put you to sleep while I'm gone, here is a long surveyesque entry.

See you in the funny pages.

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I apologize if this breaks LJ or leads to water shortages. But, here it is:

All of the surveys I've ever, ever done...minus a few )
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At least the tax cuts will fix all of our problems.

There was a change of plans last night, Brian ended up coming to our place. It was nice, he took our picture and loaned me three Jawbox Cds. I sent him off with A People's History and my two Letters to Rollins books. I like sharing.

I think I'm going to leave work early today because I can. Tonight Marie and I have a fundraiser to go to, tomorrow is a bit of a mystery and Sunday will be spending time with my parents and hopefully my grandparents too. I hope my grandma is finally getting better, she's been laid up for too long.

I'm glad that NOFX is still putting out quality music after all these years. Like them or not, I think you have to respect them.

This should be a requirement for all people involved in medicine.

24 and 364/365ths )
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Spent most of yesterday morning stressed out and feeling like crap. Talked with my aunt Monday night and she seemed disappointed in us about the house buying process. Nothing she said specifically, but I came away from it feeling bad. We went back with my parents Monday night and have settled on the Regal house. We want to see a few more houses but I think ultimately we'll end up coming back to this one, hoping it's still available. It's going to be awesome when all is said and done. It's just getting there that is ulcer-inducing.

Had an afternoon long meeting in Appleton on health care. It was a good distractor. Also went and got fitted for my tux for the wedding. I would like to get a cell phone holder, as walking through the mall yesterday with my phone in my pocket felt like I was broadcasting messages of "Gaze at my boner" to everyone I walked past.

Got to talk with Carrie A. last night and am excited to see her soon. Hope to get her interview done when she stays by us in May. And Danielle's soon too.

Also, Danielle and Terry decided on Harvard. It's a one year program, so we shouldn't have to miss them too much. I'm just hoping they remember to come back. I'm already looking forward to going out to visit.

I have a pimple on the exact part of my elbow that rests on surfaces. Does anyone want it?

Today at work is Vagrant Records comps, Van Halen, Voodoo Glow Skulls, two Fat Wreck Chords comps and early Weezer.

Just because I'm not listening doesn't mean I don't care... )


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