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Do you have any scars? Tell me about them and how you got them, please.
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Wost Phore

Aug. 24th, 2004 01:53 pm
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I've realized that I don't laugh outloud hardly at all. I'm exposed to humorous material all the time, but hardly ever chortle unless it's a result of someone in person. I long for Poker Days, as the way The Guys play off each other is a thing of beauty. Marie makes me laugh hard often. So, I'm curious if I'm the anomaly I believe I am.

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A question for those who tip at restaurants - I've noticed lately that sometimes, when dining with friends, said friends either don't tip or tip very poorly, even for good service. I always tip and it irks me when people (who have no problem with tipping) do so poorly. So, what would you do in that situation?

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Five-finger discounted from [ profile] drainbead

There's a huge chunk of you out there whose LJs I read every day - but in a lot of cases, I don't know how old a lot of you are, or where you live, or basic, normal things.

This is the problem with LJ - we all think we are so close, and while we know about the day-to-day, there's still a lot we don't know about each other. So let's rectify it.

I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. I promise, I will not make fun of you, or say who asked what; I won't divulge any social security numbers and stuff, but I'll try to answer everything - personal - whatever.

I then invite you to do the same. Remember, seriously basic stupid questions, don't be embarrassed, you would be really shocked what I don't know about you.
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Despite being friendly and talkative, "Heather" didn't compliment my snot-hole grooming skills even once. I decided to instead reward myself with an everything bagel and a vanilla chai when I got to work. It was a wise decision.

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Tonight is the visit to the financial planner. Marie's cashing out her retirement plan at her job, since they can't afford to contribute to it anymore. I still think it's better for her to contribute to that (as it's pre-tax), but we'll see what comes from the meeting.

I think I've found out why Terry's had the upper hand at cribbage lately. He's on dial-up and a less-than-new computer. I'm on cable and have a very fast machine. While he only plays cribbage while we are playing, I'm doing about 5 other things (last night it was downloading music, decoding music, reinstalling a software package, listening to music, reading my friends list and cleaning up the desktop). Thus, I'm not paying attention to the cards in his hand and end up losing the pegging battle. Next week I will have the focus of a laser beam and come out victorious.

After we played last night, I went and got a FireWire card (thanks again to [ profile] toolheadjdg for the tech support) and was pleased to see that the card came with a cable. Hence, I can return the $30 one I bought separately last week. If I can get this all to work for only $50, I'll be quite pleased.

If anyone has a round-trip ticket from Appleton to Detroit for this weekend that they aren't going to be using, let me know...
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You're tall!

Someone brought my height to my attention today. I struggled not to punch her repeatedly in the face. I don't know what to do when someone points this out to me. I mean, it's better than "You smell just like dog poop!" or "Your complexion reminds me of a burlap sack I had in college!", but still.

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Presidential issue #5 - I would enact legislation so that there is a standard of living when it comes to houses and houses that do not meet that level will not be built. No more trailer parks being destroyed by tornados.

Invention #1 - radios that have a display on them (for Public Radio), including the guest's name, the phone number if you'd like to call in, website with more information about the guest, and so forth. No more swerving off the road trying to write down information as you listen. The radio would have a memory feature so you could save the information too.

Yesterday I was in the Sheboygan office for a feedback session. For all the crap that my 'home' office talks about them, they were remarkably pleasant and welcoming. Just another example of how important it is to make up your own mind.

My parents bought a cottage/house in Waupaca yesterday. Well, they got an accepted offer on it anyway. They will be closing towards the end of August. I'm excited for them; it's always been a dream of my parents to live by the water and I think this will likely be their retirement home once they are ready to call it quits from the working world. Marie and I haven't seen it yet, but the pictures look nice.

Presidential issue #6 - I am in favor of disbanding/completely revamping NASA. I see it as a group that basically has unlimited spending to cover for their multiple fuckups and the money could be better spent elsewhere. I'm also in favor of disbanding NASCAR, but that's a different issue.

Last night blood nearly shot out of my nose, as I witnessed a game show contestant state that 34+66=60. I understand the pressure of the moment, but by the basic properties of addition, the answer had to be at least 67. Can't I win money just for knowing better?

Around 4:30 this morning, I had to play Investigate! That! Noise! It wasn't fun. The sound of knocking outside had me don my bathrobe and cautiously head downstairs. With our backyard fenced in with 6 foot fencing, I'm not all that worried about an intruder. Of course, things feel a lot different at 4:30 am. Turned out to be nothing. And just about the time I was ready to fall back asleep, the alarm went off.

The demo version of Blue in the Face is pretty wonky. Yeesh.

Yesterday, I had something happen to me that has never happened before. If you can guess what it is, I'll send you something in the mail. [ profile] jonnyv can't participate, since he guessed it last night while chatting with me. So, answer my poll and maybe you'll get something neat. Maybe it'll be a picture of me. Maybe it'll be a blank notebook with some pages ripped out. Maybe it will be one sock. The possibilities boggle the mind.

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I'm slowly becoming more confident in my abilities. My boss (the kinda-equivalent of President in a regular company) had me write a policy and he approved it (after making a few changes). I sent it out to the employees and nobody complained about it. It's a good feeling.

Tonight will be fun - signing the rest of the mortgage papers, getting a safety deposit box (for all of my plans to rule the world), the pick-up of the Mysterious FedEx Package and a get together with Eric and Lori. Tomorrow might be a visit with my grandparents. Marie's got a bridal shower to go to so I'll most likely re-assess my Year of Brian plans (sorely overdue), get some reading accomplished and make a mix CD or two. I'm in the mood right now that I can accomplish anything...I don't want it to fade over the weekend.

Sometimes making a ruckus helps. I noticed that many of my magazines had been arriving with the covers and first 5-10 pages ripped. I called the post office two weeks ago to lodge a complaint after trying to get each magazine publisher to send them in some sort of covering (all declined due to cost/environmental reprecussions, which is understandable). This week I received all four issues of the magazines I subscribe to and all were in mint condition. I'm irked that I had to complain to get someone to stop manhandling my magazines, but glad that has been fixed, for now anyway.

I also had an unfortunate incident Wednesday night driving back from Terry's house. It was 9:30 at night, pouring rain and I'm getting onto the highway. A raccoon darted out in front of me and I hit it (it went under the car instead of under a wheel - thankfully(?)). I didn't stop and see if it was okay because there wasn't a spot to pull off and I wouldn't have been able to do anything to help him/her. The new noise my car is making, along with my guilt, is serving as my punishment.

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I was thinking today about how much different the world would be if all the people killed in wars lived natural lives instead. How many new ideas would we have? How many relatives would be know stories about? How much horror and sadness would be eleviated? What would the mental health of the Middle East be? South America? Ireland? The US? Is the possibility of peace simply too much delusion? If there will always be humans, there will always be greed, hatred, anger, power struggles and revenge. Can these emotions be tamed or are we denying our biological links by becoming civilized?

I beat Terry five games to one last night, thus re-cementing my place in the Cribbage Hall of Fame. We grabbed dinner beforehand and generally had a nice evening. I opened up a Roth IRA last night too and will finally have things straightened out, financially anyway.

Today is the second-half of NOFX and a wide variety of Pearl Jam at work. I've been a little disappointed in the latest Pearl Jam and Foo releases. They feel more like a collection of songs instead of a complete album.

I get to move into an adult-sized office in a few weeks. My legs and back are thrilled.

It turns out Brian has a copy of the Madden interviews. I'm beyond relieved. I would've been quite distraught if they were gone.

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No, it's not an April Fool's joke. [ profile] harleyquinn did indeed win our first cribbage tournament, two games to one. I won't tell you about how I was three points from skunking her, how I had the largest margin of victory of the games or how my pegging was graceful and righteous. I'll just admit defeat and vow for revenge another day. [ profile] harleyquinn, you are indeed Cribbage Champion of the Entire World. For now, anyway.

Tonight, a senior writer for The Onion will be on campus for a presentation, which I'm looking forward to seeing. I also need to get groceries after work and vote. I hope I can fit it all in.

I miss my old job a bit. Not the job, but the people. They really knew me there and it's hard for me to start up small talk with employees here. Plus, I had a huge window with a great view.

If I ever become a DJ, I will go by the name DJ Tanner. Seven people will get it, and three of them will laugh. I will be famous.

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