Apr. 18th, 2017

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The Easter Bunny brought me pinkeye :(

Wait, ;(

Thankfully, I still had eye drops from when I had it last time, maybe 2013? Which is when the drops expired. But, it was Easter Sunday and the walk-in clinic seemed like overload, especially when I work from home and can look as gross as I want at all times!

Anyway, it's better today but the desire to RUB MY EYE EVERY 10 MINUTES hasn't let up just yet. I have been using hand sanitizer on a daily basis (which I never do otherwise unless I'm on an airplane).

Life is otherwise okay - Nate was with his mom for the whole weekend (which happens maybe thrice a year) so it was really nice to have some alone time on Friday night and some time with Kimberly on Saturday. As in, we could make out in the living room instead of just in the bedroom.

She avoided pinkeye (does that reveal too much about our bedroom tendencies?) so I was relieved. Spent Sunday lunch with her and her folks. They're nice enough but a little weird. As in, each time Kimberly talks to me after we've been with her parents, she always starts with "God, my parents are so weird!", which is kinda cute. It's just a lot of hearing them repeat stories we already know or stories that don't exactly go anywhere. The same could probably be said for me, but I am pretty good about asking the other person about their life, which they never do. At least the fried chicken was good.

I found out I'll be back in Hawaii in August this year for work. I'm a little irked since Wisconsin summertime is precious and I'd rather be there when it's cold here but them's the breaks.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately in that I'm just doing less than I could be at work and I have all these grown up responsibilities I could be doing a lot better job at but I instead choose to play Stardew Valley for a few hours at night.

I will get back into a more consistent walking routine now that winter is totally over. I've been really proud of myself for my dedication to lifting weights three times a week (for four months and counting!) but goddamn if every single time there isn't a voice in my head telling me to skip today and stay home instead. I think finding some new gym shorts that I look pretty good in helps.

I ordered a new work computer today. Working remotely means I'm my own tech support, so found a local shop and will be about a week away from retiring my laptop and having a desktop setup, thank goodness. Both of the Thinkpads I've had have been underwhelming at every step.

This is a whiny post so on the plus side, I'm reading a really good book (Evicted), am six weeks from seeing my favorite band in Green Bay (where I first saw them 20 years ago) and found a pretty sweet travel pillow at Costco.


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