Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Kimberly and I spent a quiet NYE together.  She's been sick for going on two weeks now and I was nearing a week with The Crud myself.  We watched a few episodes of Garfunklel and Oates (which I knew she'd love) and called it a night.  There's nothing quite like a simple back rub before bed when you're not feeling the best.

Made steak and eggs (ok, reheated steak and made eggs) for breakfast with slab of homemade banana bread and a ramekin of blueberries on the side.  Took Nate to church (every year, my UU church has a Year In Review service that I always find meaningful).  Spent the rest of the day horking up all the color of the rainbox and watching football.  Glad to see the Packers get hot at the right time and hope they can finally succeed in the playoffs.

Today, I took a long walk around the neighborhood, had some lunch and am recategorizing my Mint transactions.  I'm planning this year to tighten up my budget a bit - I tend to buy things on impulse more than I need to and that money would be much better served paying off my shiny new car loan or better yet, donated to all the many causes that will need it these next four years.

Nate decided that for his new year's resolutions he wants to a) read more (which is sort of funny because he reads for literally hours each day) and b) stay in good shape (at 10, he is getting closer to being an exercise buddy for me through bike rides or basketball games or long(ish) walks outside).

You and me both, buddy.

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(please note there is a difference between wisdom and advice.  I give wisdom freely but advice only upon request)

1)  Let cheese get to room temperature before eating it as it will taste better.  This does not apply to cream cheese, which is best applied cold to a warm bagel.

2)  Keep a roll of paper towel and a packet of baby wipes under your bed.  They come in handy not only for sex related purposes, but also eating in bed related purposes.

3)  Wash your feet before you go to bed.  Like, you can totally take a whole shower or bath if you want, but there's something pretty neat about having freshly cleaned feet when you climb into bed.

4)  Before making a purchase, look up the product's instructional manual online.  You can read all about the features and get most of your questions answered ahead of time.


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