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I’m beyond happy because I’ve gotten *two* nights of good sleep in a row. I think it’s been helping to a) have some wind down time before I go to bed to rest my head (reading or listening to music) and b) get ready for bed (teeth brushed, face washed, etc) beforehand so when I am tired, I can just crawl under the covers.

I had a pretty good night last night, in that I got to play more Fallout 2, clean up my room some and also start reading a fantastic book that I recommend to everyone to check out. It’s called “The Future of History” and is a series of interviews with Howard Zinn, my main fucking hero. I’m not sure of the interviewer’s name, but I did a search for Zinn at the library and it came up. Simply fantastic.

I went to bed early and had a good sleep. Was really warm under the covers so I had to crank up the fan to cool off. But I only chalk my ability to get up due to I would have wet the bed if I didn’t. A little glass of water before slumber sure makes its presence known.

Nothing too happening at work today, I put up some posters for our United Way campaign this morning at a few different locations, which was adventurous and gave me the opportunity to stretch my legs.

Also, mad props to Noah for filling out my survey. Thank you so much for rocking my Inbox. Now, *GET OUT*!!!

Random thoughts of the day:
If we rebuild the WTC towers, aren’t we just claiming that we are invincible and stupid?

I’m glad to see that the innocent people who died in the bombings magically erased history and brought back to life all the people that died on 9/11. God bless Dubya.

I’m thinking about discovering an island far away and starting a utopian society. Anybody else want to come?


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