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This is one of the best computer maintenance checklists I've found. Do this as prescribed and you'll likely have few(er) computer problems.
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Um, yeah. You can stop "bringing it on" anytime now. Thanks.

This is the sound of cum splattering against the wall.

Ok, now just air is coming out:

Two Sheds to release Jawbox tribute compilation

"Time to take some of the covers off something we've been working on feverishly since last August. We're going to mark the 10th anniversary of the release of one of our all-time favorite records - Jawbox's For Your Special Sweetheart - with a compilation celebrating the music of Jawbox. Scheduled release date is some time in August.

The tentative lineup right now includes Actionslacks, Black Cross, Colossal, Heros Severum, The Life and Times, Travis Morrison, Pilot to Gunner, Retisonic, Riddle of Steel, Snapcase, and Traindodge.

We'll hold off on announcing what tracks will be included on the release while we finalize licensing issues, but we will say that all four Jawbox full-length releases will be represented on the compilation."

Jack Often

Jun. 29th, 2004 03:50 pm
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More than you ever wanted to know about the political parties in the U.S.

Funnest. Game. Ever. I got to level 30 before getting stuck.

World 4-4 is the hardest Super Mario world ever. Fuck!


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