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Please understand that sitting on your fat ass and forwarding pro-American rhetoric via email is not ‘taking a stand’, ‘making your country proud’ or ‘remaining united’. However, it is going against what democracy is all about. Now, more than ever, we need to be a nation of questioners, a nation of doubters and a nation of thinkers. Corporate America (and it’s mass media) only wants rallies of war in order to help the economy. Calling for people who are anti-war or think that there is another solution to ‘love it or leave it’ goes against what our country was founded on. America was built on the supposed principal of freedom. The freedom to think and say whatever we please without fear of censorship or retaliation. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we do not live in that version of America today.

Our supposed bombing to ‘rid the war of terrorism’ so far has only rid Afghanistan of innocent civilians and a few International Red Cross buildings with 1,000-pound bombs (Oops!). All our military does is make mistakes and there are never any repercussions for their actions. And people wonder why foreigners (and Americans) hate American policies and practices. Bin Laden is still at large and even if he is caught, brought to trial and even killed, there will ALWAYS be the ‘next in line’ to attack America, and for good reason.

For all of those in favor of war/bombing, I pose this hypothetical situation to you: Imagine that you rolled God’s dice a little bit differently and are a citizen of Afghanistan. You live in a country where an American-supported militia government (the Taliban) is in power and generally makes life miserable for it’s citizens. You have no reliable sources of water, food, or employment. You are among the most poor in the world. America is attacked and the blame falls solely upon the unelected leader of your country (hey, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). America responds by bombing your country in some ‘big balled’ show of strength and liberty, however that works. You are too impoverished to leave and the political system that has been forced upon you gives you no avenue to change your government. Speaking out against it surely would lead to your death, so you have no choice but to keep quiet, suffer and hope that when the military ‘accidentally’ mistakes your village for a terrorist training camp you won’t be one of the slaughtered.

How do you feel about your decision to ‘nuke the towel heads’ now?

I have so much hope and optimism for our country and our future, but when the greedy and stupid get into power, we have no choice but to suffer and get angry. We are so proud at these time to beat our chests and claim that America is the greatest country in the world and proof that democracy works, yet when we have a president who wasn’t truly elected and is the son of a former president, how much more ‘un’democratic can we get?

So yeah, this reads a lot more like a rant than a journal entry, but hey, just something I had on my mind. Fuck bombing. Fuck war. Fuck corporate interests.

More smiles and sunshine to follow.


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