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Well, we had one hell of a storm last night. Marie and I were over at Terry’s place, playing some video games when the sky got really dark and the lightening was really intense. We figured it was best we get home, so we drove back to our apartment. Not 5 minutes after we got in the door, the rain started. It was coming down in sheets around 9:15 or so. At 9:30, the lights went out for good. It was a tremendous downpour and the wind was unbelievable. I love when it storms, but as a result of not being able to open the windows or turn on the fan, it was really stuffy and hard to sleep.

Here I thought that I could just sleep in, and my excuse for coming in late for work would be that I didn’t have power for the alarm clock. Of course, I woke up about every hour or so, so that didn’t happen. Got to work this morning and we had power, but our phone service wasn’t working. That came back on around 10:30 or so. Oh sure, Ameritech jumps through hopes when my employer calls them, but they give me the finger when I need to move and have my service switched over. Sigh.

So I guess Marie and I will be eating out for the time being until the power comes back on. And going grocery shopping to replace our spoiled food since the refrigerator is obviously not working. It’s interesting to me that with all of the technology and electronics we have, one little power line goes down and we’re back to the dark ages. But, it made us realize that a back up supply of batteries and a weather radio would be good to have.

Other than that, not much going on with me. Going used car shopping for Marie on Thursday, which should be exciting. Here is a survey I found and filled out:

Quick Survey

1. Favorite time of day? Lunch time. That’s when I get to eat and read interesting books. And listen to my co-workers gossip.
2. Type of life you've led? Utterly confusing yet strangely wonderful.
3. A scent that fills you with yearning? Fresh rain, clean undies.
4. What do you aspire to be most? Informed and active
5. What is it that comforts you daily? Good morning kiss from Marie.
6. Your worst fear? That change won’t be realized, that my ‘work’ will be for naught.
7. What you despise most about people? Apathy, narrow-mindedness, body odor.
8. What you admire most about people? Their continued interest in learning and helping others.
9. What is your worst personality trait? I offend people easily and put things off far longer than I should
10. What is your best personality trait? I think I’m a pretty good listener and can make people laugh
11. How would most people describe you? Out-spoken, humorous, off-the-wall, tall, Abe Lincoln’s stunt double, hung like Snuffalopagus, etc.
12. A talent you have that would surprise people? I can listen to two conversations at once. I can (sometimes) listen to pop music without projectile vomiting.

See you in the funny pages.


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