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Everyday that I bring a lunch to work, I have a baggie of mini-carrots. While they are usually great, once a week I'll get a carrot that tastes like poison. Yesterday I had two. Blech.

I need to start working on my presidential campaign. I can't run until 2014, but I figure it will give me time to have an airtight platform. First change - all politicians make minimum wage. This will either result in the minimum wage changing to a living wage or only put those who truly want to work in politics in politics. Monetary contributions will not be allowed at all and campaigns will be funded publically and equally. Citizens will get two hours of paid time off during each election. Those who chose not to vote cannot partake in government-funded programs (the postal service, trash pickup, etc). Either Henry Rollins or Lewis Black will be my running mate. I haven't decided yet.

This will, of course, lead to a mass exodous from the US...but the people that remain will be pretty fucking great.

Last night Andrea and I are took a long-tenured volunteer (Eileen) from my old job out for dinner. I got some good-natured anger from Eileen about not working the convention this year. She's in her 70s and she rules. I'm coming to realize that the elderly are my favorite kind of people. Despite their prejudices and horrendous driving habits, they put my generation to shame. The Chinese place we went to, which is my favorite place for Chinese, had terrible food last night. Cold and tough. As a result, I had the worst gas of my adult life last night. Marie has again been promoted to sainthood.

I got this email from my brother last night:
I can't remember my new email address I sent everyone to email me at, could someone please let me know what it is? I believe I mixed up two letters by

How anyone forgets their own email address is beyond me. The strange part is that he didn't send me his new email address, so how the hell should I know?

We just sent out our evite for our housewarming party in August. Just what I needed - one more thing to obsessively check 5 times a day.


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