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Birthdate:May 10
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
I'll never be as awesome as a pile of Indian food.

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40 year old boy, adult swim, alkaline trio, bare naked boobies, being a gentleman, being a good dad, being home alone, being polite, being proven wrong, bill hicks, bizarro, board games, breaking bad, buddhism, burning airlines, calvin and hobbes, cats that aren't fuckholes, cereal, chasing amy, cheese, clean sheets, comfortable furniture, conversation, cribbage, dan pirarro, diet mountain dew, face to face, farting, fatherhood, fear, field trips, fresh pineapple, great big headphones, handwritten letters, home movies, howard zinn, illeana douglas, inappropriate greeting cards, indian food, j. robbins, jawbox, kevin smith, large bowls of granola, learning, leg room, life, lots of indian food, lots of stuff, love, low budget video games, maura tierney, monkey island, my big comfy bed, my son, nudity, office supplies, peace, photography, picking at scabs, pillow fights, punk rock, reading, real boobs, remembering birthdays, rocket from the crypt, romance, root beer, six feet under, slowing down, snes chalmers, snowball the iii, spazzing out, stretching out, string cheese, taking lots of pictures, tasteful porn, tennis, the dismemberment plan, the night marchers, the sun magazine, tossing off, trading scar stories, uncomfortable situations, unitarian universalism
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