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Jul. 10th, 2017 12:05 pm
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So, the land survey is done and the neighbor's chain link fence is squarely on my property (over the property line by at least a foot). Mark isn't necessarily rude, but it's a neighborhood that largely keeps to itself. Outside of a wave occasionally if we're both getting our mail at the same time, I haven't had much conversation with him.

On Saturday, he was out cutting the lawn and I walked over to discuss. He immediately apologized for 'encroaching on my property' and said he'd contact the title company (not sure what this will accomplish but he said it with confidence) and said he'd do whatever was needed to make it right. If he just wants to move the fence (fine with me), he'll have to deal with grass growing between the chain link and my eventual wooden fence, which I won't see. Tearing down would be easier on the fence installers so we'll see.

So, playing out scenarios in my head involving lawyers and hurt feelings was again, all for naught.

Got some quotes on replacing my drafty entrance door/screen door too, so we'll see what I can fit in this year and what gets pushed off for the future.

I leave for Hawaii on August 14th (my brother's birthday) for work. Cool how my tickets costs an extra $400 so I can sit in the exit row and not die.

Nate had his first lemonade stand on Saturday and made over $100 (I figured matching what he earned would add some incentive) to donate to the local Humane Society. Maybe post-fence it'll be time to add a dog to the house too. We'll see.
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