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What I'm currently mad about: my annual work review is now three+ months late. My boss and I have a standing meeting once a week to discuss what I'm working on and if I need her help/advice on things. We also talk via IM almost every day. My review is typically done on my anniversary (in Feb) and has been late before, but never like this.

I've asked her about it twice and she tells me how it's not done and she's just been so busy and she'll try to get to it. As far as I know, she doesn't need any input/approval from her boss (the CEO), so it's all on her to do. I've gotten a raise every year at this job and expect this year to be no different, but, not until I have my review. I don't know if it's urgent enough to go to the CEO over but it does make me feel like my contributions aren't worth the hour (maybe two?) it would take for her to write and deliver my review. Managing upward has never been my strong suit.

What I'm currently happy about: in a little over a week, Face to Face is coming to Green Bay on a small club tour and I get to see both their rock show and their VIP acoustic/meet and greet show. Kimberly is joining me (to be fair, she's twice commented "I like this song, who's this?" when I've had them playing in the car without her knowing) so hopefully she'll enjoy the show.

They've been my favorite band for most of my adult life and their music has meant so incredibly much to me. I'll get to shake hands and talk to the band. Get my picture taken with them. Sing along to all the songs. It's gonna be rad.

What I'm currently anxious about: I'm planning to put in a new backyard privacy fence and it's becoming a big ass project. It's a long story, but basically a new six-foot fence would hide the four-foot ugly-as-hell chainlink fence that I share with the neighbors. With my landscaping, I might need to move or remove some pretty arborvitae trees since they're right up against the chainlink. Will give me a chance to finally meet the backyard neighbors after living here for three years.

What I'm currently thinking about: getting a passport for the first time, committing to counting calories, planning a 40th birthday party for next year, summer activities for Nate that will generate some good memories, my Costco shopping list, how glad I am the mysterious rash on my back seems to be clearing up, my friend who's terrible divorce means he hasn't seen his two kids in over a year, that one client at work that is brand new and already more work than they're worth, my church voting to become a sanctuary congregation on Sunday and how proud I am.
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