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In 2015, my ex-wife wanted to get back together with me (in spite of her being remarried and me being with Kimberly for two plus years) and every single part of me knew it was a bad idea except the tiny, very tiny part of me that wanted to if only to show her how much better I've gotten at sex.

I forgot that I hadn't finished the latest season of Bojack Horseman, so it's been fun watching 'new' episodes over my lunch hour.

I'm shying away from hard and fast resolutions this year but am hoping to travel to at least two new places (via plane) and also to get more educated on so very many things.  I firmly believe that so much hatred and discrimination is founded in ignorance.  I lean way, way to the left on most issues but most of the media I consume is pretty white and pretty hetero and pretty male.  I'm in a pretty comfy bubble related to a lot of social issues.  Meanwhile, life's about to get (and continue to get) shittier and shittier for a lot of people who aren't me.  The more educated I can become (and the more listening and believe I can do about these situations), the better place I'll be in to call shit out and try to make shit better.

I also want to be able to consistenly beat my dad at ping pong.  Dude's still got moves.
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