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I've got some terrible throat crud and am mildly pissed that I'm sick again after just being sick for Thanksgiving.

I'm lucky, I guess, that it happened in the Dead Zone between Christmas and New Years.  Nate (my son) was with his mom for the past few days so hopefully I'm past the contagious stage now that he's with me through Sunday.  Work was quiet and I got a few things done.  I'm off tomorrow and Monday which will be nice.

I found the energy to clean the garage (I get weirdly productive when I'm sick) and took a trip over my lunch hour to the local dump to get rid of two badly damaged patio furniture cushions, six strands of dead Christmas lights, five containers of used motor oil from my lawn mower over the years and a dehumidifier that refuses to work any more.  My goal is to have room for Kimberly's car for when she stays over when the weather's bad.

Tomorrow, Nate and I are seeing Rogue One for the first time and hitting the library to restock his book supply.  Might make a Costco run too and will try out some of the new games he got for Christmas.  He's itching to crack into his magic set so hope he has fun with that.

In the meantime, I found a good deal for three 16x20 canvas prints for $70.  Am sifting through my pictures from the California trip we took in October and the Hawaii pics from May at my last work outing.  My art style is "Oh, yeah, I should hang up some art, right?" so baby steps.

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