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who didn't change his LJ handle numerous times back in the golden years?  I didn't realize that was a thing but so many posts in the FB group seems to indicate it was really common.

Anyway, I'm currently very excited because in two hours my bestest friend in the entire world is coming over with his equally lovely family for dinner.  Terry and I met in high school and became friends almost immediately.  He currently live in Springfield, Missouri (which I lovingly refer to as Shelbyville) and is home for the holidays as his parents and inlaws still live here.

The meal is almost entirely catered by Costco (lasagna, kale/brussel sprout salad, garlic bread and a blueberry/strawberry/pineapple fruit salad).  Dessert is courtesy of a fundraiser for my niece (turtle cheesecake) for a Broadway school trip to New York in the spring.  Will crank out some mac and cheese for the kids.

I'm hoping Kimberly can join us - she's had a wicked cold for the past week plus and it's hanging around longer than usual.  It can be a grind rushing here right after work - I'm fortunate to be able to get dinner started while I'm working.

After they head out, will try to finish wrapping Christmas presents without screaming.

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