Dec. 28th, 2016

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So, Christmas was overall a pretty nice experience.

It started on Saturday - Kimberly's aunt and uncle were hosting (on Kimberly's mom's side - her mom is one of 6 and her dad is one of 13 and it's only made slightly less terrifying when Kimberly admits she doesn't know the names of all her cousins so I'm not expected to either) the family.  It was the first time Nate joined us (due to scheduling difficulties in the past).  Prior to going there, we went to Kimberly's parent's house because her mom found a gift for Nate that she felt weird about having him open in front of the nieces and nephews.  It was a science set (like, grow your own crystals) and looks like something he'll have fun with.  Her folks got me a bag of pistachios (which is a little odd) and a car wash gift certificate (which is pretty nice).

Her aunt and uncle have a sizeable house and they had a taco bar, egg rolls, meatballs and a host of other appetizers.  I brought a smattering of cookies I'd made the week before and Kimberly had her ever-present veggie tray.  Kimberly's sister (Angela) and boyfriend (Zach) were there, so Nate taught us how to play the card game Golf.  The white elephant gift exchange (just for adults) was agonizingly slow.  I was hoping we'd leave by 8:30 (2.5 hours is where I tap out for social engagements), but we didn't end up leaving until 9:45.  On the plus side, I got a cool new pocketknife set so now I'm a knife guy I guess.

Sunday, Nate opened his Santa presents and presents from me, we had breakfast and then Kimberly joined us as we headed to my parent's place.  My brother, his wife and their three kids were there when we got there.  We had lunch, opened presents and kept half an eye on the football game.  My dad beat me at ping poing (like usual), my brother beat him at darts (like usual) and we had fun just hanging out.

We left Monday after brunch, Marie picked up Nate to take him to her side of the family and Kimberly and I headed back to my house.  She wanted to take advantage of some post X-mas shopping.  We both showered, got dressed, decided we needed to get undressed again for reasons, and then got re-dressed and headed out.  It was my first time to our local mall in a good 10 years.  She found a few ornaments and a puzzle for Nate for his birthday (this girl loves a good deal) and we both found some odds and ends at World Market.

We then headed out for dinner - since my company is 100% virtual, we can't exactly have a holiday party get together.  So instead, we each get to take our respective partners out for dinner on the company dime.  We had a good meal - even ordering an appetizer, a drink each (tea and root beer), entrees and dessert, it was still under $60.  Last year, we went out for Mexican and the bill was like $25 and my boss semi-yelled at me for not spending more money.  Ha.

I could feel my cold coming on, so we headed back home and opened presents from each other - hard to go wrong when you can access each others Amazon Wishlists.  We pretty much headed for bed after that.  I had to work Tuesday but Kimberly had the day off, so I got up and made breakfast while she got her stuff packed up.  She headed out for more shopping and I pretended to look busy for no one in particular.

I feel mostly okay today, but the gunk has settled itself in the back of my throat.  No runny nose and just a slight cough, so hopefully it'll be gone soon.  I did some self surgery on a skin tag on my chest that always annoyed me.  Tied it off with dental floss for a week and then snipped it.  Didn't hurt at all and now just a little scar memento.  Bodies are so weird.

Oh!  And, I might be going to my first drag show tonight.  


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