Dec. 21st, 2016

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So, I'm so thankful that LiveJournal is potentially undergoing a revival of sorts.  It will forever have a special place in my heart as a symbol of growth and change for me.  I'm such a different person now compared to when I started back in 2000 (!).  I mean, I guess it would be pretty tragic if I wasn't, right?

Since I'm adding new friends and since a fair amount of my history is locked down (I tend to get pretty personal and hope to continue with new found pals), an introduction seemed to be in order.

My name is Brian, unless there are other Brians in the general vicinity, in which case I become Big Brian.  I'm 6'6" and it's a somewhat big (ha) part of my identity.  Which is interesting since for all you know, I could be lying about it.  Back when I was dipping my toe into online dating, I read that most men lie and list themselves as taller than they really are.  Nothing like starting things off with deception!

Anyway, I live in Wisconsin and have lived here all my life.  Weirdly enough, the state I've spent the second most time in is Hawaii, which is because of my job, which is kinda great.  Wisconsin is solidly an okay place to live.  I don't get too bummed out about the cold weather, but bad driving conditions make me fret pretty easily.  I recently got a new vehicle (Subaru Outback) that has AWD and is an enormously better winter vehicle than my previous one (Toyota Camry) but I still drive like I'm 80 years old if there are a few inches of weather on the ground.

I bought my own house three years ago, after a little over a year in an apartment as a result of The Divorce.  I enjoy being a homeowner and while I'm mostly terrible at anything that needs fixing, I'm pretty good about keeping an organized and clean home.  Mostly.

I work for a software company as a Client Service Manager.  It is software that companies use to help their employee retention efforts.  It's often a bummer when employees quit, so cutting down on that sort of thing is beneficial in all sorts of ways.  I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology in 2001.  I worked for a non-profit right out of school, for a regional accounting firm after that, then for a huge financial services company after that, all with various degrees of responsibility in HR.

My employer is small (but mighty!) and we each work from home.  As in, my boss lives in Oklahoma City and I've got co-workers spread throughout the US and Canada.  The co-owners of the company live in Hawaii full time and once a year, we all get to have a corporate retreat of sorts and spend a week discussing how last year went and what we need to focus on for this year.  It is a stupidly-amazing benefit.  In February, I'll celebrate my five year annivesary.

On the more personal front, I was married for 11 years (from 2001 to 2012) to Marie.  We have a son named Nate, who is 10.  Marie and I have had a bit of a complicated relationship as of late but we largely enjoy a very cordial and complimentary existence, largely (at least on my part) to maintain coparental harmony.  I think Coparental Harmony opened up for Earth, Wind and Fire back in the 70s.  We have 50/50 custody and it seems to be working out pretty well.

I've been with my girlfriend Kimberly for almost 4 years and most of my current anxiety/worry has to do with the long-term viability of our relationship.  I'm at the point in my life where living with a partner doesn't interest me.  I'm profoundly introverted (not to be confused with a profound introvert) and really, really, really, really, really, really, I mean like, really like my own space.  We've discussed things and I think things are good for now, eventually she's going to need to make a decision about what the future looks like.

That maybe makes it sound worse than it is.  She lives 30 miles away but we see each other twice a week on average and she's really, really great.  She and Nate get along smashingly.  She's funny and kind and smart and an absolute knockout.  Dating after the divorce was a bit of an adventure and I'm glad our paths crossed when they did.  She also rountinely destroys me at Words With Friends but is too cute to stay mad at for long.

Sheesh, I think that's enough for now.  I try to be an open book with questions so fire away if you're so inclined.  Welcome to any new friends and hopefully welcome back to some old ones as well.  I really should get back to work now.


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